480 | Lupine

Architectural Linear | Circadian LED | Indirect/Direct, Direct | Pendant, Surface, Wall & Recessed 

The 480® LUPINE (lo͞opin) provides a sophisticated look of continuous lines of light, that also happen to be good for you. Featuring Healthe’s engineered True Circadian™ spectra, LUPINE delivers the right light at the right time to optimize circadian health, indoors. Blue-enriched light at 480 nanometers provides an alertness-boosting impact akin to that of natural sunlight while blue-depleted light at 480 nanometers creates a more calming environment. With the addition of the new narrow 2″ aperture, imagine the design options with a comprehensive family of pendant, surface, recessed and wall mount luminaires. Hotel lobbies, offices and retail spaces are just a few application possibilities.

This product practices one or more claims of the following U.S. patent: 7,528,421

480 | Lupine Features

480 showcases sunlight-inspired, patented engineered-spectrum technology to promote the natural wake-sleep cycle

Features narrow 2" aperture that enables contemporary design and "lines of light" creation.  Illuminated corners and 3" or 4" aperture are also available to match architectural designs.

Dynamic light matches sunlight as it transitions from alert promoting GoodDay® to blue depleted GoodNight® for evenings to reduce circadian rhythm disruption making it ideal for spaces occupied 24/7, such as senior care, hospitals, and shift work settings.

The static GoodDay spectrum, available in 5000K, 4000K, 3500K, and 3000K CCT, features a boost in 480nm and is the best solution for daytime intensive applications, such as schools and 9-5 office spaces.

Intensity and spectrum (for dynamic) are controlled via 0-10V inputs for simple integration with a building’s control system.

Direct source shielding features a snap in diffused acrylic lens.

Standard lengths of 4ft and 8ft sections are offered.  Custom sections in 1ft increments from 2ft to 8ft can also be made available. Please consult with your sales and agents for custom lengths.

Individual units may be joined end to end to form linear runs reducing installing costs by requiring only a single power drop per linear run (run length restrictions apply).

Offered in pendant, recessed, surface mount and wall mount configurations