480 | Retailer

Linear Track | Circadian LED | Direct 

The 480® RETAILER delivers an unprecedented lighting quality that makes merchandise pop, accurately depicting color with a 94 Color Rendering Index (CRI) and producing vivid reds with an R9 value of 90.  Additionally, the Retailer leverages Healthe’s patented technology to deliver the key ingredient of light that keeps people energized, 480 nanometers. Retail lighting now not only positively impacts the visual experience for shoppers, but it also taps into non-visual effects that influence mood and alertness.

This product practices one or more claims of the following U.S. patent: 7,528,421

480 | Retailer Features

Circadian lighting inspired by sunlight promotes focus and alertness throughout the day. The GoodDay® engineered spectrum with a boost at 480nm, creates a vibrant environment for grocery stores, retail outlets or office spaces.

Linear luminaires twist lock into new or existing J-Type or H-Type track, providing more continuous and uniform illumination than typical spot heads.

Optic ptions include narrow beam, wide beam, asymmetric, and double asymmetric, ideal for aisle lighting. An optional visor is available to pair with the asymmetric wall-wash optic

The low-profile form creates a quiet ceiling, blending into the ceiling.

Available in 2ft and 4ft individual units