480 | Sky

Architectural Linear | Circadian LED | Indirect/Direct | Pendant & Wall

The 480® SKY is a low-profile linear luminaire featuring Healthe’s engineered biological spectra to deliver the right light at the right time to optimize circadian health, indoors. Blue-enriched light at 480 nanometers provides an alertness-boosting impact akin to that of natural sunlight while blue-depleted light at 480 nanometers creates a more calming environment. The SKY profile boasts clean, straight lines making it an ideal choice for contemporary interiors. Selecting a 480 luminaire enhances the wellbeing and productivity of occupants in commercial, managed care, hospitality, education facilities and many other spaces.

This product practices one or more claims of the following U.S. patents: 7,528,421

480 | Sky Features

Dynamic or static, engineered spectra LED source provides optimal circadian impact for health and wellness

Intensity and spectrum (for dynamic) are controlled via 0-10V inputs for simple integration with a building’s control system

4ft and 8ft sections may be joined to form linear runs

The SKY family features a pendant and wall luminaire to create a cohesive lighting design