Azul | Linear


This product practices one or more claims of the following U.S. patents: 7,528,421

Azul | Linear Features

Circadian lighting inspired by sunlight to promote focus and alertness throughout the day, enhancing performance and supporting the natural sleep-wake cycle.

The 5000K light source features Healthe’s proprietary GoodDay® engineered spectrum with a boost at 480nm, the key wavelength of light that impacts your circadian rhythm and is typically absent in indoor environments.

AZUL products are designed for integration with a Class II, distributed DC system, powered via low voltage from a micro-grid power supply and controlled from a centralized, programmable panel. For facilities with a comprehensive Building Management System (BMS), the open protocol distributed DC lighting system adds control and monitoring capabilities, simply.

Clean, “lines of light” can be designed into a space, transitioning from suspended to surface mount to recessed for a seamless look.

The pendant mount Azul is available in Indirect/Direct or Direct distribution.

2ft, 4ft and 8ft units (2 – 4ft units joined) provide additional design flexibility.