Azul | Mv Iot Led Controller

Intelligent networked lighting platform

Azul | Mv Iot Led Controller Features

Integrate into an existing building management system (BMS) with networked devices via LonWorks FT-10 protocol and never worry about polarity of the network wiring again.

Drives up to 12 LED output circuits, utilizing 24 to 48 vdc; has 15 universal hard-wire inputs for sensors and/or switches.

UL 2108 and UL 916 listed device which allows the controller to provide power to LED fixtures as a Class II, low voltage system. This allows for plenum rated twisted pair wiring to be utilized to provide power and dimming capabilities to the LED fixtures reducing the installation cost over a traditional high voltage lighting system.

Topology is very flexible for modifying by the job to reduce cost; allows for future proofing via easy retrofit capability.

Has an integrated watt meter reports energy usage including Amps, Volts, Watts, Watt-Hours for M&V applications

Add an automation server to provide connection to BACnet®, MODbus®, BACnet/IP® or LonWorks/IP® and local logic processing. Use the connectivity to enable IoT Node.js for cloud applications performing data analytics

And then, add devices to expand graphical visualization, for control and central automation tasks like schedules, alarms and trends.

And then, add other devices to enhance the installation like LonWorks EnOcean 902 MHz wireless bidirectional devices used to turn on/off and dim LED fixtures; and other sensors for occupancy, motion, lux, temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, and particle counting