GoodDay | LED Troffer

Designed using Healthe’s patented circadian GoodDay® spectrum technology, the GoodDay Troffer allows you to bring the natural sunlight indoors, while enjoying the alertness and focus-enhancing benefits of the spectrum. This versatile troffer can bring energy efficient, circadian lighting into any area of your facility, including, schools, hospitals and other commercial work spaces. Using lighting technology that was first developed out of a collaboration between Lighting Science Group and NASA to support the circadian rhythms of astronauts on the International Space Station, the GoodDay Troffer is the perfect solution to getting the healthy, circadian lighting you want in any of your commercial installations.

GoodDay | LED Troffer Features

Showcases sunlight-inspired Healthe’s patented engineered-spectrum technology to promote the natural wake-sleep cycle

Healthe's GoodDay engineered spectrum delivers a boost at 480nm, a key wavelength of light that is typically absent indoors to deliver the highest M/P ratio for maximum alerting effects over conventional LEDs

Provides energy-efficient, circadian lighting to any area of your office, classrooms, healthcare facilities or other commercial installations with a wide selection of CCT, including 5000K, 4000K, 3500K and 3000K

Features a ribbed, linear acrylic lens that diffuses luminance while still providing optimal light transmission

Lightweight and rated for damp locations

Available in two difference size offerings (2'x2' and 2'x4') and can accommodate both retrofit and new construction