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All the benefits of soap and water, but without the mess!

Your frequently used items, such as phones, wallet, make-up brushes, and keys, may be carrying more germs than you can see. Healthe’s® BOX provides a safe, simple and convenient way to sanitize your most commonly used personal items.

The Healthe BOX utilizes ultraviolet (UV) LEDs to start a quick, 3-minute chemical-free sanitization process that reduces germs and inactivates up to 99.9% of surface microbes. Compact in size, this case can  be conveniently placed anywhere in the home or office.  It’s a simple and effective cleaning solution for today’s busy world.

Healthe welcomes this partner product into the family.

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Healthe | Box Features

Chemical-free cleaning process that features UV LED light between 260-280nm

Quick 3-minute sanitization cycle designed to eliminate 99.9% of surface microbes by targeting DNA/RNA and rendering them useless.

Effectively clean small personal items that fits into case without overlap, including phones, glasses, wallets, toothbrush, and beauty/cosmetic tools.

Auto shut-off triggered when lid is open to provide safeguard from unwanted UV exposure.

Simply plug in the included USB-C cable and power adapter, turn on the box, and start sanitizing

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