Healthe CleanseTM

UVC 222nm Upper Room Air Cleaning Solution

Effective Real-Time Mitigation Solution for High-Traffic and Enclosed Spaces

What is Healthe CleanseTM

Use of UVC 222nm light to improve air quality in high-traffic spaces

Provides cleaning solution for small spaces with low ventilation (e.g. elevators)

Works at the source, where exposure is highest and pathogens spread the most

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Healthe CleanseTM

Healthe CleanseTM Features

Far UVC 222nm technology effectively cleans upper room air in occupied spaces, improving air quality.

UVC 222nm light distributes upward into a space from the wall or pendant mounted fixture. Rising aerosols encounter the UVC 222nm light, mitigating pathogens in real time.

Integral motion sensor triggers on-demand air cleaning and continues for a preset duration in preparation for the next occupants.

Flexible installation with option of wall or ceiling mount

LED indicator signals operating mode and Far UVC lamp replacement to simplify service and maintenance.

CLEANSE was designed to address air quality in small, high-traffic spaces, such as elevators, offices, conference rooms, and restrooms, but may be scaled for larger spaces such as lobbies and waiting rooms.


“For more than two decades, Tower has recognized that building environments can significantly impact human health. As our understanding grew, so too has our investments to provide clean and efficient spaces for our employees and tenants. As COVID-19 evolves and new strains emerge, our viral mitigation strategies are not only an integral part of our immediate response, but they also help us reimagine the well building of the future. That is why we have invested significantly in a number of state-of-the-art technologies, including Healthe’s layered solutions.”

Jeffrey Abramson

Partner, The Tower Companies


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