Healthe SpaceTM

Use of UVC 222 to protect open spaces

The Healthe SPACE™ is a passive and continuous method to clean air and surfaces in occupied indoor spaces.

What is Healthe SpaceTM

Use of UVC 222nm light to clean the air you breathe and surfaces you touch

Protects spaces where people live, work and play

Works at the source, where exposure is highest and pathogens spread the most

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Healthe SpaceTM

Healthe SpaceTM Features

Chemical-free process continuously improves air quality

Select from three operation modes that work with an integral PIR motion sensor, including UVC 222nm light on for 30 minutes every hour, or UVC 222nm only on in unoccupied spaces

Integrated general illumination features a boost at 435nm to help activate the antimicrobial properties of TiO₂ surface coatings and cleaners.

Any standard 6" conventional recessed can fixture can be retrofitted with the Healthe SPACE™ downlight

Supports multiple input voltage, 120V-277V, with a power consumption of 20W

Made in USA and TAA compliant, it is a qualified solution for government projects. Certificate of origins are available upon request.


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