Suntrac A19 Bulbs & Sunlync | Automation Bundles

$131 – $307

Our SunTrac® Bundles quickly and easily automate your circadian lighting, making it as easy as the press of a button.

All bundles include (1) SunLync® Wireless Control Device for automation and a choice of (2),(4) or (8) SunTrac A19 bulbs.

The SunTrac A19 is advanced circadian LED technology in a familiar A19 form factor that makes it easy and convenient to replace your most common bulbs with healthy full spectrum circadian lighting, without compromise.  Each bulb features both our popular sleep-enhancing GoodNight® and energy-enhancing GoodDay®spectra, providing users with a level of unprecedented convenience and accessibility to better lighting for better health. This full spectrum bulb conveniently pairs with SunLync® to bring you healthier lighting, automatically. SunLync is a GPS locator that identifies local time and continually broadcasts a system-wide mesh command to autonomously synchronize Healthe® wireless-enabled lighting to the sun’s cycle, producing an automated SunShow®.  SunLync’s continuous time signal generation allows for a subtle transition between light settings so that visual comfort is not compromised, and you can have the healthiest lighting throughout the day, simply with the press of a button.

The SunShow consists of five light settings that adjust throughout the day: Sunrise, Daytime, Sunset, Evening and Night. Users can download the SunTrac App for iOS to adjust the parameters of their automated schedule.

Together, these products bring you healthy, circadian lighting in the simplest way, giving you energy and focus when you need it and helping you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper and longer.

It’s science made simple – all with the press of a button.