Suntrac | Connect Output Device


Expand luminaire selection outside of the SunTrac Ecosystem by combining the Connect Output with any luminaires such as our 480 Dynamic Circadian Architectural Linears to create the desired lighting design with all the bells and whistles of SunTrac.  The Connect Output can translate the proprietary wireless signals of SunTrac into 0-10V commands for the 480 circadian luminaires.  Also works with Healthe’s GoodDay and even 3rd Party 0-10V fixtures.  Now, don’t be afraid to have the right light at the right time with the right lighting design of choice!

Suntrac | Connect Output Device Features

Translates SunTrac's proprietary Bluetooth mesh signals to 0-10V commands for lighting control

Effortlessly transform Healthe's 480 Dynamic Circadian architectural linears to SunTrac capable, expanding luminaire offerings for the SunTrac Ecosystem

Link multiple luminaires to a single Connect Output to create lighting designs, groups, and zones while simplifying installation during new construction

Convert any 3rd Party 0-10V luminaire, including tunable white, into a SunTrac controllable fixture

Simple deployment, setup, and configuration via SunTrac App for iOS