Suntrac | Dynamic A19 Led Bulb



This product practices one or more claims of the following U.S. patent: 7,528,421; 8,674,608*

(*) when used with control system

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Suntrac | Dynamic A19 Led Bulb Features

Suntrac® A19 features advanced, circadian LED technology in a convenient, familiar form factor that easily replaces traditional bulbs in most lamps to create a healthier environment.

A single bulb provides both the sleep-enhancing GoodNight® and energy-enhancing GoodDay® spectra, providing users with unprecedented convenience and accessibility to better lighting for better health.

The patented engineered spectrum provides circadian lighting that supports a healthy sleep-wake cycle for improved wellbeing. The GoodDay blue-enriched spectrum gives you energy and focus throughout the day, while the GoodNight blue-depleted spectrum helps your body to naturally begin preparing for sleep, helping you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper and longer.

Three illumination settings - GoodDay, Afternoon and GoodNight—mimic the standard phases of daylight and the AUTO/SunShow® setting receives signals from the SunLync® control device to automatically deliver the right light at the right time throughout the day. When the SunTrac A19 is paired with the SunTrac Wireless Switch and/or App, the bulb delivers full spectrum and dimming capabilities (see control options for details).