Suntrac Mobile App

The Healthe® Suntrac® App is a convenient way to make the most out of your SunTrac Ecosystem and get circadian lighting that works with you and your schedule.  The simple and user-friendly App gives you lighting control in the palm of your hand and is compatible with all your SunTrac products, such as the SunTrac A19, Downlight, Wireless Switch and our SunLync® Wireless Control Device.  It’s the perfect addition to complete your SunTrac Ecosystem and take full advantage of all the robust features these products have to offer.

The SunTrac App is simple and to use – putting your circadian lighting at the touch of your fingers!

Suntrac Mobile App Features

Available for iOS (Android coming soon)

Ideal for use with SunLync, giving you the ability to customize SunShow® parameters to match your life.

Simple to use, setup and create a fully automated experience.

Take manual control over your lighting; adjust intensity and spectral output for what you need right now.

Setup is a snap – then access additional features, create groups and pair switches.

Remote control of lighting via App offers flexibility and convenience