Suntrac | Motion & Daylight Sensor



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Suntrac | Motion & Daylight Sensor Features

Provides two sensing mechanisms, motion and daylight, in one simple, compact, wireless device.

Detects motion with a passive infrared sensor, subtly increasing light output when activated and dimming gradually when no motion has been detected for a selected amount of time. Customization is available via the SunTrac App.

Receives ambient light data from a dedicated lux detector, communicating via Bluetooth to the fixtures to dim or increase lights accordingly. Thresholds can be set within the Healthe SunTrac App to accommodate personal preferences in light levels.

No wiring or expensive installation required. Can be mounted or portable for convenience based on user preference.

Photovoltaically charged, the sensor is self-powering and wireless. A backup battery is available for dark spaces where the solar panel may be insufficient to charge. The battery will last 7 years in a completely dark room.

Compatible with the complete line of SunTrac products, including fixtures and control mechanisms, such as the SunLync® and the SunTrac Wireless Switch and App.