Suntrac | Panel


Suntrac | Panel Features

Features edge-lit, glare-free, evenly-distributed circadian lighting that can transition seamlessly throughout the day (when used with a SunLync®).

Uses Healthe®’s patented, engineered-spectrum technology to support the natural wake-sleep cycle.

Delivers high-quality, circadian light throughout all settings for peak visual performance and sun-like color rendering of decorated interiors.

A CCT range from 2500K to 4500K presents high biological impact in the higher CCTs, with a blue-depleted spectrum at the lowest range, for healthy light all day long.

Offers design flexibility in a range of sizes, from 1x4, 2x2, 2x4, to accommodate both retrofits and new construction.

When used with the SunLync Wireless Control Device, the light settings can be automated to provide the right light at the right time throughout the day, with a simple press of a button. Customization can be done through the SunTrac App, to create a schedule that suits the space and activities within it.

As part of the SunTrac Ecosystem, the panel is compatible with a range of control options, including the SunLync, SunTrac Motion & Daylight Sensor, Wireless Switch and the App.