9600, the “Crown Jewel“ of communities at the New Jersey Shore is an 18-story facility with 246 residential units that needed an efficient, chemical-free way to create a safe and healthy indoor residential community during the Covid-19 pandemic.





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9600 became the first facility in New Jersey to install UVC-222 light technology to help protect its staff, residents and guests against the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria using three state-of-the-art sanitization products from Healthe, installed at key touch and travel points throughout the facility, including the building’s lobby, gym and bathrooms.

9600 Condominium installed following Healthe solutions:

Healthe AIR, a fixture that circulates room air through a HEPA-Carbon air filter and exposes it to UVA and UVC light capable of eliminating 99.99% of airborne pathogens in seconds. These troffers, which are the same ones being used in the Miami Dolphins team facility, will be installed in 9600’s community gym.

Healthe SPACE,  a ceiling downlight that combines general illumination with UVC 222 light to sanitize air and surfaces. It is designed to replace traditional downlight canisters. These downlights will be installed in both the men’s and women’s gym and lobby bathrooms.

Healthe ENTRY, a free-standing walkthrough sanitizing arch, similar in size and shape to a metal detector, that uses Far-UVC 222 nm light to remove up to 90 percent of the viral load on a person’s clothes and belongings in just 20 seconds. This arch, which acts as a first line of defense against harmful pathogens, will be installed in 9600’s lobby. The Seattle Space Needle and New York’s Magnolia Bakery have also installed this technology.

“For a shared residential community like ours, we needed a strong, multilayered approach to complement our other sanitization efforts that start from the moment they walk through our doors,” said Sharon Ianoale, 9600 Condominium’s Manager. “Healthe’s solutions are being deployed today in some of the most iconic public places. For someone who has spent years in casino and hospitality management, that gave me confidence that we chose the right products for our facility.”

“We are excited about this technology and the added peace of mind it will give our residents. Phase one of our installation plan, which includes our fitness facilities, comes at an especially critical time given New Jersey just reopened gyms for the first time since the onset of COVID-19,” added Ianoale.

Sharon Ianoale
9600 Condominium’s Manager