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Better Light, Better Students

Bishop O’Connell High School


Bishop O’Connell High School


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Arlington, Virginia

The Challenge

Bishop O’Connell High School (BOC) is a faith-filled community of learning in the Washington, D.C. areawith over 1,100 students. The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, have served the school population as teachers since it opened in 1957.

The school strives to provide the best possible environment for learning and wellbeing to the students. Some rooms have more daylight than others, and the school was interested in retrofitting the old fluorescent solution with a more efficient LED solution that could also bring circadian-blue rich lighting into the classrooms that don’t have enough daylight. Two rooms were chosen for the retrofit.

The Installation

Healthe and installation partner Anthrospheres assessed the lighting and selected GoodDay® troffers as the most natural, daylight-simulating solution. The teams worked with Bishop O’Connell’s staff to implement the light fixtures in the classrooms.

While not all areas were renovated with Healthe products, two classrooms were outfitted with GoodDay Troffers to bring daylight into the rooms for students and teachers: the science lab, and a regular classroom with limited windows.

The project was implemented in 2014, in 2016 the lighting solutions were upgraded to the newest technology.

The Findings

The students and teachers could not be happier with the results. The Healthe GoodDay solution has provided biologically-correct lighting solutions to selected classrooms. The GoodDay retrofitted classrooms exceed the values for circadian lighting as recommended by the WELL Building Standard. Student surveys showed that they felt more alert and awake in those classrooms, and teachers enjoy teaching in these spaces.

The first half of last year we had regular lighting in our room and very little natural light. We only had one little window. After the NASA (GoodDay®) lights were installed, I could see a difference in the students. Compared to other years, they had more energy and stayed ‘with it’ longer.

Sr. Anne Marie Markoe
Teacher, Biology