Bluestone Cafe

Bluestone Café needed a safe, efficient way to increase protections for locals and employees against the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bluestone Cafe


Bluestone Cafe


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Our Solutions

  • Healthe SPACE – a ceiling downlight that combines general illumination with UVC 222 light to sanitize air and surfaces. It is designed to replace traditional downlight canisters.
  • Healthe AIR – a fixture that circulates room air through a HEPA-Carbon air filter and exposes it to UVA and UVC light capable of eliminating 99.99% of airborne pathogens in seconds.

“The wellbeing of our staff and our locals is the top priority as Bluestone Lane continues to reopen stores,” said Nick Stone, Bluestone Lane Founder and CEO. “We’ve been early to adopt technologies such as mobile ordering to help keep our locals safe, and Healthe’s Far-UVC 222 lighting is another technology that will help to ensure safety through ongoing sanitization as we reopen our doors to New Yorkers, starting with two of our largest cafés.”

Nick Stone
Founder & CEO