DNA Strategic Consulting

NYC Office & Showroom Becomes Circadian Model

DNA Strategic Consulting


DNA Strategic Consulting


Commercial Office, Showroom


New York City, NY

The Challenge

Healthe® collaborated with DNA Strategic Consulting to help create an innovative lighting solution for their NYC design collaborative, The Stable. DNA is a strategic marketing, PR, and branding agency focused on innovate human- centric design and its recently remodeled space is both a working showroom for top designers and functional office space. The lighting solution they were looking for not only had to be functional and healthy but had to complement the design aesthetic of the high-end furnishings from Fogia, Neal Feay and Cartwright NY and provide a healthy, productive environment for their staff.

The Installation

DNA selected Healthe’s SunTracTM Ecosystem, which includes Healthe’s SunTracTM dynamic A19 lamps, the SunLync® Wireless Device and the SuntracTM Wireless Switch. The SunLync device automates a lighting SunShowTM that mimics the spectrum and intensity of the sun based on the exact time and location so that the team always receives the right light at the right time, automatically. The system was installed throughout the multi-use space to enable the clients and staff to enjoy healthy lighting that was automated and yet customizable for their needs. The Journi® Mobile Task lights complement the SunTrac system and are being used as portable solutions throughout the space.

The Findings

DNA reports that clients and staff feel more energized throughout the workday and love the ability to personalize the lighting using the Healthe app.

When presented with the opportunity to introduce healthy lighting into our space we were all on board. The consistency of the color and mood, regardless of NY weather, has proven to motivate and animate staff and visitors. Everyone at DNA always seems to have a sunny disposition, in part because we can stand behind every product and company we work with. SunTrac is a strategic addition to the design collective we have created.

Alexandra Polier