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Circadian Light Sets the Mood and Creates a Healthy Environment

Jessica Gersten Interiors


Jessica Gersten Interiors




New York City, NY

The Challenge

Interior designer Jessica Gersten recently collaborated with Healthe by Lighting Science to enhance the living space of a clients on New York’s upper East side. Gersten was interested in utilizing biological lighting solutions in her designs that were automated and could offer the right light at the right time and create a sense of passive health for her clients. Healthe’s circadian lighting solutions, which were designed utilizing their proprietary True CircadianTM spectra, complimented the project perfectly and were selected.

The Installation

Healthe’s dynamic SunTrac Ecosystem was selected to offer simplified comfort and soothing effects of circadian lighting. Healthe’s SunTrac A19 bulb controlled by the SunLync wireless device synchronized the interior lighting to the sun, creating subtle spectral transitions throughout the day so residents experience the right light at the right time, automatically. The bulbs can be manually controlled via the SunTrac App or Wireless Switch to enable full spectral capabilities. Additionally, in areas where the client felt they needed an extra boost of light, and for any on-the-go circadian needs, Journi® Mobile Task Lights were selected, creating healthy, circadian light throughout their environment that blended seamlessly into the modern design Ms. Gersten created.

The Findings

Ms. Gersten has been pleased with the Healthe ligting solutions installed and the options it has created for her clients. The lights not only have provided passive health benefits, but played a major role in her design and has complimented the overall esthetic of the living space.

Healthe lighting enhances and interacts with the interiors that I created. In my projects, light plays a major role, and the light shifting from morning to dusk and then night effects the whole house’s sense of comfort.

Jessica Gersten
Interior Designer