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As National Football League teams began to prepare for the 2020 season, the Miami Dolphins showed it was already ahead of the game. The franchise installed Healthe sanitization technology across its headquarters to help inactivate coronavirus pathogens.

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Miami Dolphins


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The team became the first in the NFL to install Healthe Air 2.0 ⎼ troffer ceiling fixtures that feature HEPA-Carbon activated filtration and UV sanitization ⎼ in the locker room. The devices help to improve localized air quality by filtering and inactivating airborne microbes and returning cleansed air to the space. The team installed a total of 40 Healthe Air solutions around the facility.

If we learn of ways to make our facility cleaner and safer for our players, coaches and staff, then we’re going to implement them.

The technology surrounding the [Healthe Air 2.0], which uses HEPA-filtration with UV light to inactivate 99.97 percent of airborne virus, was eye opening to me in terms of what can be effective in creating a cleaner environment.”

Stephen Ross
Owner, Miami Dolphins