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Brunswick, Maine

The Challenge

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is a global conservation organization dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends. Recently, TNC became interested in remodeling their chapter office located in Brunswick, Maine. Their objective was to complete this project while following their corporate mission of living in unison with nature and honoring their commitment to sustainability. Their goal with this project was to create a beautiful working space that was healthful and engaging for their employees, as well as to become WELL certified.

The Installation

The Nature Conservancy had very specific ideas about the kind of lighting that they wanted to bring into their building. They had researched several human-centric lighting solutions for their project. Testing had been conducted by TNC staff in internal, non-daylight affected offices with several products over consecutive weeks of work. Healthe’s GoodDay® lamps were selected by the team for a variety of key reasons, including being the most natural, daylight-simulating lighting on the market. Healthe’s team worked with TNC to evaluate design plans and assisted in determining the correct biological lighting that could support their employees in achieving a healthier work environment.

While not all areas were renovated with Healthe products, the 7500 square foot space was outfitted with BR30 and BR40 lamps. Additionally, some Genesis DynaSpectrum® luminaires were supplied as desktop fixtures for some interior office areas, to bring daylight to those employees.

The project began in February 2017 and was completed in June 2017. The Nature Conservancy has applied for WELL certification and anticipates becoming the first WELL certified building in Maine.

The Findings

The employees could not be happier with the results. The Healthe GoodDay solution has provided biologically-correct lighting solutions to the building. Even in areas with little access to standard daylight, appropriate lighting solutions were provided. The Nature Conservancy has a beautiful, modern new office environment featuring spaces that provide healthy light to all employees. The space is currently in the final stages of WELL Certification.

The fascinating science and backstory of Healthe was what convinced us that this was a product we morally needed in our office, but the magic of how well the lights actually work is what blew us away. Headaches disappeared and employees were happier – all from a light! I have since outfitted my entire home in Healthe lights and they continue to be one of my favorite elements in the office.

Maggie Stone
Director of Operations, Maine Chapter of TNC