Wellness Center Embraces Circadian Technologies





Healthcare / Wellness Facility


Fort Myers, FL

The Challenge

Osteostrong is a wellness and conditioning center designed to improve your overall health by focusing on the skeletal system, improving bone density, muscular strength, balance, functional performance and overall health. The owners of Osteostrong wanted to create a complete health-centric environment for their clients—a space where their clients could come to experience a 360° approach to physical and physiological health. Having done research and studies on the science behind biohacking,and research conducted by NASA for the astronaut training program, the Osteostrong team recognized the benefits of circadian lighting. When it came to choosing a lighting system for their new facility, HealtheTM was selected to provide the circadian lighting system. They believed that this was just one additional way they could provide the best possible environment for their clients to make progress in their overall health and performance.

The Installation

Healthe was brought in during the initial buildout phase to discuss the best options. Osteostrong has two very different use-spaces and therefore two distinct needs. In their general therapy area, lighting was required to encourage energized and focused sessions in a multiuse space with lots of light. The Healthe SunTrac® Ecosystem was installed, including the SunTrac Troffers, SunLync® Wireless control device, and wireless switches. The system allowed for complete automation of the lighting, and customization, which was needed due to specific client needs. For the recovery area, the SunTrac Troffers and A19 lamps are kept in GoodNight® mode to help customers rest and recover quickly and efficiently.

The Findings

Osteostrong staff report that the circadian lighting in the therapy area encourage an energized experience with their clients and keeps them motivated throughout the day. Additionally the clients and staff have reported feeling the benefits of the recovery area lighting feeling less eye strain and improved energy throughout the day.

Healthe lighting has been a very valuable addition to our workspace. Our employees love it because they feel energized, happy, and healthy all day even when working long shifts. We truly believe that healthy light is just as important as healthy food and exercise. Thank goodness for Healthe lighting!

Gregory Robrahn and Mila Marhovich