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Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Seychelles

The Premise

One of the most important contributors to human health is sleep. Celebrating wellness and rejuvenation, Six Senses introduced its guests to a groundbreaking sleep standard that adds a new dimension to any holiday by impacting health and wellness even after returning home. Working with renowned industry experts, Six Senses team developed Sleep with Six SensesTM to promote better sleep. In addition to selecting specialty bedding and mattresses, the executive team selected lamps for each of the resort’s villas. Healthe is Six Senses’ partner for circadian lighting and one the first products to be introduced in the resorts is the Goodnight® LED light bulb. When used in the evenings, the light supports a natural circadian rhythm and restful sleep at night.

The Installation

Six Senses Zil Pasyon is the first Six Senses resort to install the GoodNight® light bulb into the bedside lamps of their thirty beautiful guest villas. Following the advice of sleep experts, when guests arrived back at their villa after dinner, the rooms were prepared for bedtime and the Healthe GoodNight® lamps are the only lights that are on.

Located right next to the guest room bed, the lamps were installed on a dimmer switch to enable the guests to choose the setting they prefer – bright for reading or dimmed down for ambiance.

The Findings

Hosts at the resort report that guests have responded very positively to the GoodNight® light bulbs. They have enhanced the Sleep with Six Senses experience by providing a more natural and conducive sleep environment.

Due to popularity of the lamp, the GoodNight® bulbs are now available for purchase in the resort boutique. Guests can continue their journey of experiencing the best possible sleep by using the bulbs in their own bedrooms after they return home.

Due to the success at Zil Pasyon, Six Senses will be introducing the GoodNight® bulbs lamps into several more resorts this year.

The GoodNight® bulb helps promote a natural
good night’s sleep and links nicely to our Sleep with Six Senses program.

Lizzie Lee
Resort Manager, Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Seychelles