Tom Dolan Swim School

Healthy Lighting Keeps Swimmers in Top Form

Tom Dolan Swim School


Tom Dolan Swim School


Commercial Athletic Facility


Falls Church, VA

The Challenge

Founded by Olympic Medalist, Tom Dolan, The Tom Dolan Swim School is an elite swim facility that strives to instill swimming fundamentals, fun and confidence in swimmers at their academy. Founded in 2012, when looking to expand operations and open a new facility, the owners were unhappy with the specified lighting being recommended. The client was introduced to Healthe Lighting to discuss the health and wellness advantages of installing circadian lightings olutions. With a proven track record of helping elite athletes and training facilities using our engineered spectrum solutions, Tom Dolan Swim School decided to move forward with several of our products for their new building.

The Installation

After careful consideration, Healthe’s AZUL GoodDay® Troffers and Pendants, as well as the SunTrac® Downlights were selected. For the locker room environments, the Cleanse® Air-Sanitizing Troffers were decided upon to assist with keeping the air and environment healthy. The Azul, SunTrac and Cleanse luminaires feature Healthe’s GoodDay® engineered spectrum, providing blue- enhanced illumination scientifically shown to boost alertness and focus. The 5000K light sources are a natural match to standard daylight and provide the supplemental benefits to a client’s health and wellness by helping to regulate the sleep/wake cycle.

The Findings

The owners and staff have been very pleased with the results, and customer approval and satisfaction has been noticeable. While the installation is quite new, the employees have noticed a significant improvement in feeling alert and refreshed throughout the day—with the overall mood improving. Many of the clients have remarked on the new lighting, how the lighting has made the facility brighter and more inviting and inquired about the circadian and air-sanitizing properties and the benefit they provide.