An Intelligent, Wellness-Centric Home of the Future





Residential/Home of the Future


Lake Nona, FL

The Challenge

Designed as an initiative by the Lake Nona Institute, along with it’s collaborative partners, the WHIT home is a state of the art home thoughtfully built using the latest in innovation and technology with every detail created to encourage a health-centric lifestyle. WHIT is both a livable space and living laboratory that demonstrates how your home can be the ultimate health improvement tool. Healthe Inc. has long worked with the Lake Nona Institute and was approached to look at providing not only healthy circadian lighting solutions for this futuristic space, but to test proof of concept ideas to create the ultimate in a health-focused home environment.

The Installation

When looking at the overall design of the home, it became clear that several products from Healthe’s circadian portfolio would fit into the WHIT environment. The Good Day&Night Downlights were installed throughout the home providing both of Healthe’s GoodDay® and GoodNight® proprietary circadian spectrums. Additionally, the bedrooms and living room areas were outfitted with SunTracTMA19 bulbs in the bedside and sitting area lamps. The home also features a SunLync® Wireless Control device which automates the lighting to sync with the sun—providing the right light at the right time automatically. Several prototype products were also installed in the home, including an Under-Cabinet UV Counter Sanitization Light in the kitchen effectively killing 99.9% of all surface dwelling bacteria; A UV Laundry Drying Rack, which uses UV light to deactivate DNA of bacteria left on clothing after washing; Circadian Stair Lighting and a Pendant Sensing Light, which uses light to monitor areas as compared to an invasive camera.

The Findings

The WHIT Home is both a healthy livable space AND a living laboratory. The reaction of clients and visitors has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of seeing products in a home environment that can make our lives simpler and more healthy in a passive way.