GoodDay LED luminaries are inspired by the morning sunlight and help promote alertness, focus and optimal performance.

Light is the most powerful time cue for our body's 24-hour circadian clock.

Blue-enriched light, specifically blue light at approximately 480 nanometers –which represents the peak of melanopsin sensitivity, directly alerts the brain and can be used when focus and productivity needs to be heightened, such as during work, school or during peak daytime hours. Healthe’s GoodDay luminaires are enriched with our patented True Circadian™ GoodDay spectrum technology, allowing you more choices and design freedom when bringing healthy circadian lighting to your project.


Other Solutions


Healthe Air Healthe Air

Healthe AirTM

Use of stronger UV wavelengths to sanitize air

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Healthe Space Healthe Space

Healthe SpaceTM

Use of UVC 222 to protect open spaces

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Healthe Entry Healthe Entry

Healthe EntryTM

Use of UVC 222 to protect any entrance

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SunTrac SunTrac


The SunTrac Ecosystem provides a variety of fixtures and controls to automate and customize lighting schedules and output to fit any lifestyle or space.

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480 480


480 is an architectural linear luminary with a 0-10V control interface designed to meet the unique needs of commercial and government offices.

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Azul Azul


True to our commitment to providing healthy human-centric lighting solutions, Azul combines Healthe’s True Circadian™ spectrum technology into a convenient low voltage distributed DC (LVDC) power architecture.

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